"CreditLink® Corporation"  and its subsidiaries have been serving the property management industry for over 44 years by protecting the interests of landlords and tenants. Our goal has always been to help reduce discrimination in housing, protects landlord and tenant interests, as well as reduce the instances of tenant eviction and loss of rental income. We specialize in the accurate reporting of tenant credit information by reviewing only pertinent facts. This is why we offer complete credit reports, criminal background checks, credit worthiness evaluations, and rental payment history.

MISSION: As the industry has transformed, so has CreditLink®. With the rising popularity of vacation rentals, Airbnb, finding roommates and renters online, we are committed to empowering everyone to have all of the information needed to make solid decisions based on facts in their financially binding agreements for rental property. Our objective has always been to Guarantee Tenant Screening through thoroughly researched data to reduce rents for paying tenants by reducing the rate of evictions and defaults for landlords nationwide. We created our CL Advantage reports for professional property managers who rent residential and commercial property as their primary business operation.

VISION: We are committed to providing quality credit reports and background reports based on transparency and clear results. We are proud to provide peace of mind to our thousands of clients daily.

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