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Screen renters  nationwide with CreditLink® Classic Tenant Screening Checks Background Eviction Reports from CreditLink® Corporation San Diego, California.

We are not a copy cat renter screening company, instead, CreditLink® is the niche original trailblazer.  CreditLink® Corportation is the resident screening background  report industry leading innovator in the USA since 1979.  

CreditLink® has defended the interests of landlords and tenants for more than 44 years.  Their objective has always been to lessen housing discrimination, as well as tenant evictions, lost rental income, and improving neighborhoods. ​​​​​​​

They have grown from an accurate San Diego County tenant screening background and
eviction reporting company
into the leading innovator Nationwide of tenant screening solutions.

CreditLink® has attained their prominent status from providing thorough and trustworthy tenant FICO credit reports, criminal background checks, credit worthiness assessments, rental payment histories and premeir property management software.

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MISSION: As the industry has transformed, so has CreditLink®. With the rising popularity of vacation rentals, Airbnb, finding roommates and renters online, we are committed to empowering everyone to have all of the information needed to make  solid decisions based on facts in their financially binding agreements for rental property. Our objective has always been to Guarantee Tenant Screening through thoroughly researched data to reduce rents for paying tenants by reducing the rate of evictions and defaults for landlords nationwide. We created our CL Advantage reports for professional property managers who rent residential and commercial property as their primary business operation.

VISION: We are committed to providing quality tenant credit reports and background reports based on transparency and clear results. We are proud to provide peace of mind to our thousands of clients daily.

CreditLink® ensures finding the perfect tenant is fast and simple​​​​​​​

"CreditLink Classic" Deep Background Investigation - $44.95

"Everything You Need to Know"​​​​​​​

"CreditLink Essential" Consumer Credit Report Only - $34.95

"Fundamental Risk Management"​​​​​​​

"CreditLink Basic" Criminal & Housing Records Only - $24.95

"The Bare Necessities"​​​​​​​

Tenant Pay Means Saying Goodbye to Tenant Screening Fees

Tenant Pay enables each potential tenant to authenticate and pay for the report themselves! This feature eliminates the time wasted waiting for applicants to return with cash or check in hand, and removes the burden of payment from your responsibilities. The Tenant-Pay feature is free with all CreditLink Accounts, and will automatically process the "CreditLink Classic" Deep Background

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